Inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm which we get from someone or something. Inspiration is a continuous process, we may get motivated at different times, at different places through different things.


Temple is a sacred site and a place of pilgrimage. Temples are the link between man and the divine. Temples reflect the ideals of dharma, beliefs and values.  The divine  inspirations make us understand that everything has a purpose.



Nature is a wonderful resource and blessing to all living things. The mountains ,the rivers, the oceans, the sky, the earth etc all inspire us in many ways . Nature and the surroundings are the source and storehouse of many ideas. Spending time in natural surrounding  gives a sense of awe. It makes us understand that  the world  much bigger than we  can comprehend .



Inspiration is from every where  irrespective of time and place. We need to have the spark to grab it. The monuments express the cultural heritage. Monuments, forts, pillars, inscriptions etc inspire us a lot and make us wonder how it was possible in the past to  build, paint, write etc. A monument is a great source of History. It develops curiosity and makes us  wonder about the past.